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We help you visualise your plans
so that you are able to understand
the sizing and scale of your build.
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About Us

One to One Displays is a floor plan projection center created to take the stress and uncertainty out of designing your home and show you in 1:1 scale exactly what you are building.

Set up in a large warehouse with the latest projection technology, we provide you the opportunity to walk through your plans in 1:1 scale to fully understand the dimensions and details of your build before any works begin.

Our Offerings

We want to help you get the best outcome for your build. Whether you're building your family home, designing for a client or educating students in construction or design, we can help tailor a session to suit you.


Building your dream home should be exciting, not stressful. Walking through it to scale before any works begin will give you peace of mind knowing that it’ll suit your family & lifestyle.


Collaboration and communication are crucial to any project. Being able to stand in the space with all your stakeholders is incredibly powerful in having the right discussions while plans are still on paper.


In today’s digital age, it’s crucial we find an edge on how we inspire and educate students. Being able to provide a dynamic approach to learning can push the boundaries of what’s possible and create endless possibilities for this industry.

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Benefits For Our Customers

Save Time

Don't hold up the build to make changes! Walking through the plans early on can help identify what you need to alter early on while the plans are still on paper.

Save Money

Some changes can happen during the build, but they'll always cost you more at that point, compared to picking up on things in the early stages of planning & design.

Build Confidence

You want the best result possible for your project! There is no better way to experience your home, than being able to walkthrough it early on to assess whether its going to suit you and your families lifestyle.

Save on Resources

Changes that occur during the build, occasionally end up being discarded in order to rectify the errors or amendments that need to occur. Picking up on design flaws early, can eliminate unnecessary wastage

How We Work


Get in touch and let us know a little more about your project so we can better assist


Once we've had a chat to understand your needs and which session would suit you best, we will then create a booking with a suitable date & time for your session


To confirm your booking, an invoice will be sent as payment is required prior in order to secure your session. Once payment is received we'll send you a calendar invite confirming your session


Plans must be sent to us at-least 48 hours ahead of your scheduled session to ensure it runs seamlessly

Display Session

Please arrive 10 minutes early, grab coffee or a drink and relax before you head into the display centre. We'll always be on hand to facilitate the technology aspect of the session, but you have the freedom to view what you'd like, when you'd like at your own pace
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Want to join our other happy customers?
  • 5 star review  Such a great experience being able to "walk through" our home. Just being able to do this gave us a sense of how much space we had. We ended up making some important changes that we otherwise would not have done or known to do. Anyone doing a custom build will definitely benefit from this experience. Thank you Marian and Stefan for offering such a great service. Will save you thousands!!

    thumb Di Ljumeski

    5 star review  This was a great experience. My clients were able to visualize the spaces we designed for them. We were able to ascertain if the sizes we allocated for things were right for them.

    thumb DAVID Gatto

    5 star review  A huge thanks to One to One Display ! Marian and Stefan did an awesome job hosting us from St Mary Coptic Orthodox church and projecting our new church design at scale. They were extremely professional, and the session was very beneficial with several positive comments from attendees. I would highly recommend this service, whether you are undertaking a residential or commercial project.

    thumb Eugene Maprock

    5 star review  The process of being able to walk through through our proposed floor plans was invaluable. We were able to identify some potential issues with tight spaces and also helped alleviate some concerns where we thought we didn't have enough space. The team at One to One Displays were extremely helpful and were happy to move furniture and move the display multiple times. Highly recommend for anyone who is building or extending. A small price to pay compared to any potential change during construction.

    thumb nathan baranello
  • 5 star review  For a design and construct firm, we found great value add by engaging One to One Display. This service, information and model is certainly understated and is the way of the future. Happy client, happy customer and an overall system that eliminates costly mistakes for everyone. Highly recommend it...

    thumb Peter Fanous

    5 star review  This experience was beyond valuable. Our client was able to identify several changes that she would not have otherwise noticed. Not only was this tool helpful in the area of design and construction, but it provided an opportunity for the Builder to further develop the relationship with the client and to demonstrate his knowledge and skill set. We will certainly be returning! Many thanks to the team at One to One Displays!

    thumb cameron jackson

    5 star review  Such a wonderful experience! Marian and the team are extremely brilliant. It was so worth it walking through the floor plans during the design stage, we picked up things we wouldn't have otherwise.

    thumb Elinor Moshe

    5 star review  Great honest and hard working team. Stefan and Marian went above and beyond to help me overcome a few design issues. Visualising a 1:1 ratio plan really helps with picking up issues that you can't by just looking at plans on paper. Would recommend them to every builder.

    thumb Abhikesh Datt
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Imagine walking through your home and loving every single part of it! We can help you get the best outcome, as you'll be able to experience your home before you finalise your plans. See below how we've been able to help our customers.

One To One Displays

We help you visualise your plans
so that you are able to understand
the sizing and scale of your build.
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