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One to One Displays began in Melbourne in October 2018 being co-founded by a husband & wife duo. Since it began, it has focused on the integration of cutting edge technology to provide an immersive solution to understanding sizing and scale when it comes to design & construction.

The company's vision was to design a facility that would have the ability to provide an all immersive and human centred experience. It's co-founders have been instrumental in the design, installation and integration of the facility as well as the constant and ongoing growth and strategy to build on this concept and develop it further to make it available everywhere through the digitisation of various functions. Enquire now about how we can set up your very own projection center any where in the world.

What We Provide.

We work with people all over the world who also want to provide this cutting edge technology and solution to their local markets to assist in the betterment of the industry as a whole. We are advocates of this concept, and as business owners ourselves, we want to see it grow, develop and spread to prove that building can be an enjoyable process once the end - user is well informed to make informed decisions suited to their lifestyle and functions.

We assist in providing support across 4 different stages outlined below.


We consult across all areas in preparation for your project. We prepare:
1. Schematics (technical & engineering drawings)

2. Building layouts (placement of technology items)

3. Project management from end to end


The full installation of your projection centre by our team.


Our team will commission the project including the alignment of projectors and all user acceptance testing.


Our team will provide training for your staff and wider team to ensure you're confident with the day to day running of the technology.

Work With Us.

In addition to the 4 stages above that we assist with, we've also built & developed our very own software for the efficient use of our projection centre and is what we incorporate into all our packages for ease of use. They include the below.


This gives you access to our team for support depending on the level you take up. This may be support during business hours or 24/7 with the addition of remote support so we can assist regardless of where you are. We also have local contractors across the globe to assist in the more hands on technical requirements. 

The maintenance & support licensing is contracted yearly


Scaling was designed to assist in the preparation and running of a walkthrough session. You are able to create slide decks to bring up every floor, and each elevation relevant to the plans all at the click of a button, whilst being wirelessly controlled.

Objects was designed for the sole purpose of helping our clients fit-out their space. Things such as furniture, large dinning tables, swimming pool etc. This software allows you to enter dimensions for an object and have it digitally overlaid onto the plans to asses sizing/scale.

The Possibilities Are Endless.

Having previous experience across Change Management within large organisations in office upgrades and refurbishment, as well as extensive experience spanning 15 years within Audio Visual, Automation and Project Management across residential and primarily commercial projects has positioned us as leaders in this space within the building & construction Industry.

Owning and running the very same business for ourselves has helped us see its true potential and assisted in the continued innovation. In the short time we have been operating we have made enhancements and additions such as developing our own software to assist not only us, but also others who want to revolutionise the industry. 

We are committed to continual growth, development and innovation. Human centred design is a key driving factor in the way we conduct our business, engage in new business and carefully select partnerships to see this company grow to being a global leading organisation in this industry.

Are You Ready?

If you've thought about opening up a projection centre in your local market or you're curious to find out more, we would love to hear from you. 

We can also work with you if you’d like to discuss a distributor agreement for your local market. 

Please reach out to us to find out which countries have an opening for a distributor agreement, as we may have covered some with our existing partners.
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