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Your One To One Displays Experience 

What to expect?

When you come in to One to One Displays for a display session, regardless of the length of time or whether you’re coming in to view residential plans or commercial plans, you can expect world class service with generosity and warmth. We’re all about people. Our priority is focused on you! But, we’re also big on making sure that you can connect and engage with those that you come in with, to make sure your vision is aligned, and to ensure that your experience is not only worthwhile but exceeds your expectations. Our objective is to have you walking out of here with a sense of confidence and certainty as you embark on this exciting journey.

What We Offer

Floor Plan Walkthrough 

Our System projects your plans in 1:1 real life scale for you to walk through and get the best understanding of the size and scale of your project before you start.

Elevation and Facade Projection

Stand in-front of your kitchen, custom joinery or front door in 1:1 scale to ensure everything is just the right height for comfort and functionality.

Meeting Room

After your walkthrough, there is always discussions and planning. We offer meeting rooms and break out facilities so this can take place in comfort.

HD Recording

During a typical walkthrough, so much information is covered. So, we offer HD recording of your session for you to keep and review at any time.

Discovery Session
with Ninedots

We’ve partnered with Ninedots to help support you in the early stages of your build journey. Get an overall understanding of the new build process and learn what to expect, what to avoid and what to consider to allow for a seamless build.

CAD ConnectTM
By One To One

Connect directly to our system and make changes LIVE while your clients view their plans and experience the requested changes as they occur.

By One To One

Want to see if your existing or new furniture will fit? Now you can! We can digitally overlay any size objects on your plans to help you see how much space you actually have.

One To One Displays

We help you visualise your plans
so that you are able to understand
the sizing and scale of your build.
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