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Walk through your home 
Before its built!

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Walkthrough your home before any works begin and make sure it suits your family and lifestyle.

Being able to physically stand in the space can give you a lot of confidence in knowing what you’ll end up with, is what you have dreamt of! You’ll be surprised how much time and money you can save by making changes on paper, rather than during the build.


The power of this new and innovative tool is in the opportunities it creates to collaborate with your stakeholders while standing in the physical space. Whether this is used as part of a tender process to win bids or as part of the design phase in the early stages of a project, it brings it to life before any works begin to ensure visions are aligned.



Education is very important to us so we love working with education providers who want to inspire their students to explore new concepts and a new way of doing things. Being a state of the art facility, this dynamic and immersive experience can be so powerful in helping students think beyond the confines of what they know and push out to explore the endless possibilities of how this technology can create real change for this industry.

One To One Displays

We help you visualise your plans
so that you are able to understand
the sizing and scale of your build.
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